See you in 2008!!

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Hello everybody,

we’re hardly working to NuRevRecords so we posted just one message on this blog in december. We’re sorry for that but we hope you’ll appreciate all our work when this job will be done!

2008 we’ll be an important year for us, we hope it’ll bring us a lot of good&interesting things πŸ™‚

We wish you a great 2008, too and funny and relaxing Holidays!

See you soon friends,



Ciao a tutti,

stiamo lavorando sodo a NuRevRecords per cui abbiamo inserito un solo post a dicembre. Ci scusiamo per questo ma speriamo che apprezzerete tutto questo lavoro una volta che il progetto sarΓ  realizzato!

il 2008 sarΓ  un anno importante per noi, e speriamo che porterΓ  un sacco di esperienze belle e interessanti πŸ™‚

Auguriamo anche a voi un grande 2008 e delle vacanze divertenti e rilassanti!

A presto amici,


Seeding Revolution

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(photo: “Free” – by BenGoode on Flickr)


Here we are again to report you some other signals that the day record labels 1.0 will die is near…

We are referring about a couple of interviews and news we found around the web.

The first is an interview to Josh Homme from Queens of the stone age reported by Kings of A&R.

A little extract from it below:

“Fuck the labels man, they suck. The last thing they’re stripping down is their own expense accounts and shit. I mean, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records takes a private jet or rides first class to tell a band they don’t get tour support.”

We suggest you to read the whole piece here on

The second interview we want to report to you is from 50 cent (found on TechCrunch) : changing the music genre doesn’t change the feeling the artists get with the old labels. (The key parts: file sharing doesn’t hurt the artist, concert and merchandise sales are the key to profiting from music, not direct music sales and the music industry is clueless and busy peddling ringtones. Now if only the record industry would pay attention.). Read on TorrentFreak the full interview.

You can find another REALLY interesting interview to Radiohead on the New York Times.

Here the New York Post write about the recent cuts in major labels. We have spoken about this issue two post ago.

Day after day, the revolution become more real…. soon the world will see the shift from record label 1.0 and record label 2.0, and NuRevRecords will be there!!



siamo ancora qui per riportavi alcuni nuovi segnali che il giorno in cui le case discografiche 1.0 moriranno Γ¨ vicino…

Ci stiamo riferendo a un paio di interviste e notizie che abbiamo trovato sul web.

La prima Γ¨ a Josh Homme dei Queens of the stone age, riportata da Kings of A&R.

Un piccolo estratto di seguito (non abbiamo tradotto per non travisare le parole originali).

“Fuck the labels man, they suck. The last thing they’re stripping down is their own expense accounts and shit. I mean, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records takes a private jet or rides first class to tell a band they don’t get tour support.”

Vi suggeriamo di leggere l’intero articolo qui su

La seconda intervista che vogliamo riportarvi riguarda 50 cent (trovata su TechCrunch) : cambiando il genere musicale non cambia il sentimento degli artisti verso le vecchie case discografiche. (Le parti-chiave: il file-sharing non daneggia gli artisti, i concerti e il merchandising sono la chiave del guadagno, non le vendite dirette. L’industria discografica ora Γ¨ intenta a spacciare suonerie, piΓΉ che canzoni. L’industria non capisce il vero valore artistico di un pezzo.). Leggete su TorrentFreak l’intervista completa.

Potete trovare un’altra intervista DAVVERO interessante ai Radiohead sul New York Times.

Qui invece il New York Post scrive riguardo ai recenti licenziamenti nelle major. Ne abbiamo parlato due post fa.

Giorno dopo giorno la rivoluzione diventa sempre piΓΉ reale… presto il mondo vedrΓ  il passaggio dalle case discografiche 1.0 alle case discografiche 2.0, e NuRevRecords sarΓ  lΓ¬!!


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We’ve found this comic strip by HijiNKS ENSUE yesterday following a link posted by Gerd Leonhard in his Media Futurist Blog.

It’ about OLD record labels and NEW technologies, in our opinion two words that cannot fit together at all!

That man is Doug Morris from Universal, and he is symbol of the music industry that choose to fight the future instead of knowing and interacting with it. But they can’t win, they have ALREADY lose.


Abbiamo trovato questo fumettino di HijiNKS ENSUE ieri sera, seguendo un link postato da Gerd Leonhard sul suo blog Media Futurist.

Riguarda le VECCHIE case discografiche e le NUOVE tecnologie, a nostro parere 2 parole che proprio non vanno d’accordo!

Quest’uomo Γ¨ Doug Morris di Universal, ed Γ¨ il simbolo dell’industria musicale che sceglie di combattere il uturo invece di conoscerlo e interagire con esso. Ma non possono vincere, hanno GIA perso.

No A&R? No party!!

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Highway to failure

(Photo: “Fin des voies rapides” – by PatMatte on Flickr)

So… big record labels are cutting off their staff.

SonyBMG was the first, then EMI and now Universal Island Def Jam

Do you know who were the first to have their deal closed? A&R… Sarah from Stolen Transmission is an example, but she rocks! and she will continue in finding and helping new bands!

Is it possible?? Major labels can’t understand how much important the A&R role is. A&R is the future. Well, we imagine they’re committing suicide and these cuts just underline the highway that leads to failure they took time ago. We already said it, and we are more and more convinced about it.

And while all this happens, record sales are getting down and down. A&R King reports that the best seller album of 2007 is “High School Musical 07” with 2,5 millions of copies sold. Last year the bestseller was again “High School Musical” (in the 2006 edition) but with 3,7 millions of copies sold. You might think that “Come on over” by Shania Twain sold 15,4 millions and “Metallica” by Metallica sold 14,8 millions…

Back to A&Rs, they will not disappear, they will all gather in NuRevRecords that aims to be the biggest A&R team ever!!!


E cosi le grandi case discografiche stanno licenziando il personale.

SonyBMG Γ¨ stata la prima, poi EMI e ora Universal Island Def Jam

Indovinate chi sono stati i primi a vedersi rescisso il contratto? Gli A&R… Sarah di Stolen Transmission Γ¨ un esempio, ma lei non molla! e continuera a cercare e aiutare le nuove bands!

E’ possibile?? Le Major non capiscono quanto sia imporante il ruolo dell’A&R. L’A&R Γ¨ il futuro. Bene, immaginiamo che esse si stiano suicidando e questi tagli semplicemente sottolineano l’autostrada che conduce al fallimento che hanno intrapreso tempo fa. Lo abbiamo gia detto, e ne siam sempre piu convinti.

E mentre succede tutto questo, le vendite dei dischi crollano sempre di piΓΉ. A&R Kings riporta che l’album piΓΉ venduto del 2007 Γ¨ “High School Musical 07” con 2,5 milioni di copie. L’anno scorso il piΓΉ venduto Γ¨ stato sempre “High School Musical” (nella versione 2006) ma con 3,7 milioni di copie vendute. Per fare 2 esempi, pensate che “Come on over” di Shania Twain vendette 15,4 milioni di copie e “Metallica” dei Metallica 14,8…

Tornando agli A&R, non scompariranno, ma si riuniranno in NuRevRecords che mira a diventare la piΓΉ grande squadra di A&R di sempre!

Rumors from the Blogosphere – part 2

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(photo: “Nightvision” – by “Bas Van Dijk” on flick’r)

Hi you all,
as you have seen in the previous post we took our first step, “” is now online and we will tell you about its first days very soon.
While waiting, we post a second part of the interview we did few weeks ago to our other friends bloggers about the situation of the Music Industry nowadays.
This time we’ll speak with Dan from “Podcomplex“, Jason from Musick in the head and Alberto from Teladuepuntozero.

Do you remember our questions? we ask our friends:
1)How do you think the Music Industry will react to the choice made by Radohead&co.?
2)Due to the success that the Radiohead’s enterprise is gaining and the big number of band following, do you think that this is the best choice for famous bands?
3) What about the new bands and their condition in this new scenario

All of them are sure that Record LabelS must evolve and change: it is not possible fighting this revolution anymore! Alberto also says that Music is not going bad, each aspect of music business works good, only CD sales are going down.

For what concern the second question Dan says that any band that already has a large fanbase would be absolutely crazy to not follow Radiohead’s lead. Alberto, too is sure that this will be the main way for famous artists.

About new bands and their future in this scenario, Dan has a very interesting point of view: “new bands should also distribute their own work via their own website (in both digital and CD formats). The problem then is one of promotion, so the ‘promotion deal’ will effectively replace the old industry ‘record deal”.

In Jason opinion, bands will always need experts, because they’re not…here’s what he says:No longer do bands need CDs manufactured and shipped all over the world, nor do they need the labels accounting systems to dole out their (little) bit of cash. But what they do need is marketing, promotion, tour support, management services. Sure, some bands will opt to do this on their own – but it is not easy to do it well. Experts will arise to offer these services – some will be new companies founded for solely this purpose and others will be traditional “labels” that successfully changed themselves.

Many thanks again to Dan, Alberto and Jason… we are very interested in your opinion about this subject so please continue telling us what you think, and maybe there will be a third part of this post in the future…

WaitingFor.NuRevRecords is now online!!

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(Photo: “Beach Foot Print” – by Lis724_betty on Flick’r)

After a lot of words, doubts, waits and so many hours of work, NuRevRecords finally make his first concrete step: is now online!!

This is NOT the official NuRevRecords website. This is a sort of pre-site where we’ll begin to build the official one all together (posting & choosing logos, graphics templates and taking other important decisions). Here you’ll find out more.

Through the “Waiting For Site“, all of us will choose the first 10 bands who will win a free membership to the next-to-come NuRevRecords Label.

On this pre-site, you’ll also have the possibility to play and gain the first points for the big NuRevGame, that will be revealed soon. is a big chance to start creating our community, too

The site come in Beta Version, help us to set it up and debug πŸ˜‰ Revolution is turning real!


Finalmente dopo tante parole, dubbi, attese e molte ore di duro lavoro ecco che NuRevRecords compie il suo primo passo concreto: e’ online il sito !!

Questo NON e’ il sito ufficiale di NuRevRecords bensΓ¬ una sorta di presito dove insieme inizieremo a costruire quello ufficiale (dal logo, al template grafico, ad altre importanti decisioni) Qui troverete maggiori info.

Tramite il “Waiting For” verranno inoltre selezionate le prime 10 bands che vinceranno un’iscrizione gratuita una volta che partira’ il progetto ufficiale.

Sul presito inoltre verranno assegnati i primi punti del grande gioco NuRevGame, di cui sveleremo presto nuovi dettagli. e’ inoltre un’occasione per iniziare a formare la nostra community.

Il sito e’ in versione beta, quindi aiutateci segnalandoci i malfunzionamenti πŸ˜‰ Revolution is turning real!

Thank You So Much!

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Hi guys, thank you for your partecipation!!

We got more than 150 visits in these past 3 days on our latest post, we received a lot of e-mails, and even many comments on our myspace! Thank you again our friends! Many thanks also to fabri, steven and bmc who wrote directly on this blog.

We’ve asked for your replies but we couldn’t imagine such a big partecipation!

We thank so much also Mark (Hear 2.0), Gerd (MediaFuturist), Bruce (Hypebot), Alberto (Tela2puntozero), Dan (Podcomplex), Jason (Musik in the head) and all our other blogger friends who contributed with their kind answers (we’ll post soon a second part of the interview!!). We really appreciated your support, and we still need it! Thank you again our friends!

And many thanks to the bands that have showed us their great interest (Blonde is over, CLN, Headless, Zerotermico, Wormhole, a New Shade are some of them!)

Ok, now we REALLY know we’re not alone, together we’ll realize our common dream!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Ciao ragazzi, grazie a tutti per la vostra partecipazione!!

Abbiamo avuto piu 150 visite in questi ultimi 3 giorni sul nostro ultimo post, abbiamo ricevuto un sacco di email, e anche molti commenti sul nostro myspace! Grazie ancora amici! Mille grazie anche a fabri, steven e bmc che hanno scritto direttamente qui sul blog.

Avevamo chiesto delle risposte ma non potevamo immaginare una cosi grande partecipazione!

Ringraziamo infinitamente anche Mark (Hear 2.0), Gerd (MediaFuturist), Bruce (Hypebot), Alberto (Tela2puntozero), Dan (Podcomplex), Jason (Musik in the head) e tutti gli altri blogger nostri amici che hanno contribuito con le loro gentili risposte (pubblicheremo presto la seconda parte dell’intervista!!). Abbiamo davvero apprezzato il vostro supporto, e ne abbiamo ancora bisogno! Grazie ancora amici!

E ,olte grazie anche alle band che ci hanno mostrato il loro grande interesse (Blonde is over, CLN, Headless, Zerotermico, Wormhole, a New Shade sono solo alcuni!)

Ok, adesso sappiamo DAVVERO di non essere soli, insieme realizzaremo questo nostro sogno comune!