Rumours from the blogosphere

Hello you all,

finally we’re almost ready to introduce to you the first NuRev project…just few days remain, so begin getting ready for the New Revolution! While finishing last things we have had the opportunity to learn something more about what the blogosphere thinks about the latest events in music industry (the choices of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and so on) by asking directly to some bloggers in a little nice interview.

Many of you answered and that’s why we will publish a second part of this post in the near future.

(Photo: “iStock” – by North Harris College on Flick’r)

Our first question was: How do you think the Music Industry will react to the choice made by Radohead&co.?

Gerd Leonhard, from, first of all thinks that these bands are doing what the major record labels should have done five years ago: offering partnerships to artists and their managers, sharing real profit (and responsibility), engaging with artists on all levels, not just to sell copies of plastic (or of zeros and ones, for that matter).

And it is from this that Gerd points out that major label will not be welcome this game well, because: they have little expertise in it, they have none or few people that can run something like this, by and large, they have a monopolist’s mindset (which is not going to work here), they have aptly and with great dedication eradicated trust across the board: with artists, managers, producers AND the users. (we totally agree with you, Gerd!)

For Mark Ramsey of Hear 2.0 instead, they won’t react because this is not necessarily a trend; it’s an example of one superstar band flexing marketplace muscles that most bands don’t possess. (yes but, by now, it’s not just a question of ONE band..)

Then Bruce Houghton from Hypebot, Ourdigitalmusic and The Rock Dose answers to our second question (Due to the success that the Radiohead’s enterprise is gaining and the big number of band following, do you think that this is the best choice for famous bands?) this way: I think it’s a possible choice for all kinds of bands as it allows an artist to monetize their relationship with their fans in a flexible Music 2.0 way. Big bands will make bigger money at it than little ones. It’s just supply and demand.

On the other hand Mark says that in his opinion the “success” of this choice has yet to be assessed, it has just generated attention, but the NEXT time they do this it will be old news and there will be NO attention (We’ve found this opinion really interesting, Mark! what about you all out there?).

Our last question was about the new band and their condition in this new scenario. Many of you was afraid about the risk for new band to die without any promotion or chance to get heard in this ocean: bigger band will be able to do without major but how could a new artist get traffic and visibility for his website?

Mark is quite sure about it: No chance with this approach. They’re better off giving away their songs and making their bucks from gigs and collectibles.Which is exactly what they do.

After that Bruce remember what we are really discussing about and says: In the end, however, your music has to speak to somebody for any of your efforts to matter. It still all starts with the song. (how disagree with this? great words dear Bruce!!)

What about us? Well, in our opinion major label as we know them are gonna die in a very short time…let’s see if they will be able to reinvent themselves in a 2.0 way! For what that concern the bigger bands, we think this is surely the best way for reaching their fans and gaining more from their works! And last but not least, the new bands…well… for them there will be NuRev RecordsFASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!!!!


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