Rumors from the Blogosphere – part 2

(photo: “Nightvision” – by “Bas Van Dijk” on flick’r)

Hi you all,
as you have seen in the previous post we took our first step, “” is now online and we will tell you about its first days very soon.
While waiting, we post a second part of the interview we did few weeks ago to our other friends bloggers about the situation of the Music Industry nowadays.
This time we’ll speak with Dan from “Podcomplex“, Jason from Musick in the head and Alberto from Teladuepuntozero.

Do you remember our questions? we ask our friends:
1)How do you think the Music Industry will react to the choice made by Radohead&co.?
2)Due to the success that the Radiohead’s enterprise is gaining and the big number of band following, do you think that this is the best choice for famous bands?
3) What about the new bands and their condition in this new scenario

All of them are sure that Record LabelS must evolve and change: it is not possible fighting this revolution anymore! Alberto also says that Music is not going bad, each aspect of music business works good, only CD sales are going down.

For what concern the second question Dan says that any band that already has a large fanbase would be absolutely crazy to not follow Radiohead’s lead. Alberto, too is sure that this will be the main way for famous artists.

About new bands and their future in this scenario, Dan has a very interesting point of view: “new bands should also distribute their own work via their own website (in both digital and CD formats). The problem then is one of promotion, so the ‘promotion deal’ will effectively replace the old industry ‘record deal”.

In Jason opinion, bands will always need experts, because they’re not…here’s what he says:No longer do bands need CDs manufactured and shipped all over the world, nor do they need the labels accounting systems to dole out their (little) bit of cash. But what they do need is marketing, promotion, tour support, management services. Sure, some bands will opt to do this on their own – but it is not easy to do it well. Experts will arise to offer these services – some will be new companies founded for solely this purpose and others will be traditional “labels” that successfully changed themselves.

Many thanks again to Dan, Alberto and Jason… we are very interested in your opinion about this subject so please continue telling us what you think, and maybe there will be a third part of this post in the future…


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