NuRevRecords Manifesto

#1 : Inside NuRev: Our Philosophy

NuRev means change. NuRev is looking at the world from a new point of view. NuRev is the belief that only through interaction, dialogue and collaboration, without limits or censure, we will be able to realize something really important.

All of that starts becoming real in NuRevRecords project, because we believe that there isn’t a better producer than an entire community of true music lovers, who put quality before profit.

As music consumers (and musicians too!) we realized too many times how far the old music industry’s mechanism is from the reality of those who make music and who listen to it.

But now things are changing, old majors as we know them are dying out, and music will become the only protagonist!


#2: The Record Label 1.0 era: near to the end

Just 10 – 15 years ago, record labels invested a lot in looking for new bands and producing them. A&R had a very important role, feeding young artists hopes and wishes to get heard and to gain a production because of the quality of their proposal.

That was the “Demo” era. Nowadays all is different, A&R is almost disappeared and with him all new artists’ aspirations disappeared, too.

The top managers of the majors speak less and less about music and too much about profit, budget, benefits.

It’s plain how labels lose the control of their primal task, and this is the fisrt cause of their inevitable death.


#3: NuRevRecords: record label 2.0 era begins!

We’re sure it’s time to change, we believe that it’s time to set up a new system which starts from the bottom.

The concept of “band production” is back, the concept of A&R is back, all that should naturally be at the basis of each record label is now coming back, although right now in the present it is still just utopia.

NuRevRecords will be managed by an entire community of music lovers, offering everyone the chance to experience how running a real record label is.

All will be able to express themselves, without spending thousands of euro for production, and everyone will be able to exploit his/her own artistic abilities because their production is going to be listened and esteemed by the community and not by managers who only think about market surveys.


#4: the Future is in your hands: Join us!

So, if you agree with our point of view, if you ever dreamt of managing a record label, if you love free music and if you want to contribute to its growth and diffusion, just join us and come in NuRevRecords!

If you also have a band or a solo project, and you realized that entering in that old system is basically impossible too, join us!

You’ll have the same possibilities as everyone else to get heard and only your artistic value can guarantee you the possibility of getting a complete production, from recording to promotion.

The world is ready, we too: Let’s NuRev together!!!


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